• Ghosts of Seattle Past Anthology Released! April 2017

    I have two pieces of writing (interview-essays with Roger Shimomura, and Francine Seders) and a work of visual art featured in the Ghosts of Seattle Past Anthology, Ed. Jaimee Garbacik, Chin Music Press.

    I will be participating in a couple of different events as part of the book release, including a reading of the interview-essay with Roger Shimomura as part of an Atlas Obscura tour of the International District.

  • Participating in Ghosts of Seattle Past Project, March 2016

    Editor Jaimee Garbacik has invited me to make and show work at the Irish Wake for Lost Seattle Places as part of the Ghosts of Seattle Past project, also involving some oral histories and pieces of writing that will emerge from those stories.

  • Stranger Review on MOTHER // HOOD, August 2015

  • MOTHER // HOOD at PUNCH Gallery, August 2015

    HOLY SHIT - this is it. My first ever self-imposed (important to note) solo show at a gallery. I was supposed to curate a show at PUNCH and then I changed my mind at the last minute and here goes nothing!

    Come see me fall on my face, pick myself up and keep smiling, all the while holding an (unharmed, also smiling) baby. XXOO

    August 6 - 29
    Opening First Thursday Artwalk, 5 - 8pm
    Pioneer Square TK Building


  • Participating in Seattle Art Fair, July 30 - Aug 2, 2015

    Check out Booth #705!! PUNCH is participating in the Seattle Art Fair and that means me too.

    This is where our energy comes from, 2015
    Interchangeable oak floor panels, copper wire

  • Artwork at Clymer Gallery in Ellensberg, July 2015

    A video I collaborated on with my family is at the Clymer Gallery in Ellensberg for the month of July as part of group show with other PUNCH members.

    Baby Clymer is "found footage" from the childhood of artist John Clymer and shows his early influences living just east of the Cascades in the Wild West.

  • New member at PUNCH Gallery, October 2014

    I'm honored to have been accepted as one of 6 new members at PUNCH cooperative artist gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

    See the new member's exhibition, and my piece, No More Sticky Tachy, up through November 1.

  • Pianos in the Parks, July 2014

    As one of 20 artists for Pianos in the Parks, I painted an upright piano bright pink and poured gold paint over the top! This piano will sit at Westlake Park in Downtown Seattle for the remainder of the summer (may be played by passersby starting July 17), with programming by the Seattle Symphony.

    Stop by and play!


  • Awarded Dana and Toni Ann Rust Curatorial Fellowship, May 2014

    Artist Emma Levitt and I are currently curating the exhibition To Be Alone Together, as part of a curatorial fellowship awarded by the Museum of Northwest Art. It will open October 4 and run through January 2015. The exhibition includes ten pieces from MoNA's collection and involves eleven contemporary local artists. We're really excited about the selection of work and artists. A link to the dedicated blog is on the Nav Bar of this website. Stay tuned for artist interviews and studio visits!

    Tomo Nakayama
    Nathan Braunfeld
    Clyde Petersen
    Joseph Freeman
    Emily Gherard
    Aaron Haba
    Allyson Klutenkamper
    Paul Komada
    Emma Levitt
    Wendy Orville
    Michelle Peneloza

  • Curating "Enigma Machine" at Bumbershoot this year! April 2013

    Jana Brevick and I will again take the Fisher Pavilion by storm with this year's Bumbershoot Visual Arts exhibition, Enigma Machine. Inspired by the curious and beautiful British spy contraption, Enigma Machine will be an invitational group exhibition for artists working in experimental media and developing machines that mysteriously (or blatantly) create art or perform as some aspect of their function. We're excited to bring in two international artists this year - Henrik Menne from Copenhagen and Samson Young from Hong Kong.

    Artists Include:
    Claude Zervas
    Maggie Orth
    Samson Young
    Mark VanRosenstiel
    Henrik Menne
    Fischli / Weiss
    Thomas Wilfred

  • Curating Skyward! show at Bumbershoot! April 2012

    I will be curating a show with Jana Brevick at Bumbershoot over Labor Day weekend this year! Think Sky. Think 2062. Think Jetsons. Think Future.

    Participating Artists:
    Emily Pothast & David Golightly: Hair & Space Museum
    Heather and Ivan Morison
    Hannah Viano, Vaughn Bell and Iole Alessandrini collaboration
    Jana Brevick & Hahn Rossman
    I Want You
    Cathy McClure
    Garrett Kelly & Amber Kai Morgan: Hollow Earth Radio
    Dietrich Wegner
    Ron Lambert
    Britta Johnson

  • "Urban Lake" to Kick Off 2013 Exhibition Schedule at KAC, October 2011

    I will curate an experimental show of visual and sound works, titled Urban Lake, at the Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) throughout 2012. During the year, five visual artists will play a game of telephone with their art, centered around the theme. Each artist's new works will pass to the next artist, and the sound artist (Emily Eagle) will have the opportinity to draw from all the visual works for her sound pieces.

    The show will kick off the KAC's 2013 exhibition schedule when it opens in January 2013.

    The artists featured in Urban Lake are:
    Emma Levitt
    Lauren Klenow
    Hannah Viano
    Jessica Bonin
    Francesca Lohmann
    Emily Eagle

  • Penland Winter Letterpress Residency! November 2010

    Awarded Letterpress Residency at Penland, holy smokes!
    In January 2011 I will travel to the rurals of North Carolina to study letterpress with Nancy Loeber and three other artists.

    Find out more about the program & Penland here:

  • by sail & oar: photography

    Photographs I took were published to accompany a story about a small boat trip circumnavigating Fidalgo Island, by friend Greg Reed.

    The story and photographs are in the latest issue of "Adventures NW," Fall 2010, Vol. 5, Issue 3.

    Go to the Photography section of my Portfolio to see the centerfold!