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To Be Alone Together
To Be Alone Together

(Artwork pictured: still from video accompanying 4Chase, 2014 by Paul Komada)

Curated by Shelly Leavens and Emma Jane Levitt
Rust Curatorial Fellowship
October 4, 2014 - January 4, 2014
Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, Wa

To Be Alone Together folds time and looks closely at the ways in which both the ephemeral and the tangible experiences of living in a particular place have and continue to influence communities of artists. Like the vast tide flats and fields of the Skagit Valley and the meandering sloughs that run through them, there is an open willfulness to the Northwest artist community and a continued interest in the region’s iconic light and water that has and continues to seep its way into the work of local artists.

This exhibition pairs eleven contemporary Northwest artists with eleven works from the Museum of Northwest Art’s permanent collection. The contemporary artists were asked to respond to their assigned piece and to create new work based on that response. The artists accepted this challenge with gusto, pushing their personal practices, experimenting with new media and bringing to light their inlaid connections with art of the region. For some, exploring the biography of the individual artist was most inspiring, for others the artwork itself generated new ideas.

Through this form of experimental curation, the exhibition poses to the viewer, similar questions to what the artists grappled with: What does it mean to live in a particular place? And, would you choose to be alone or to be together? Collectively, these historic and contemporary works explore the legacy of art in the Northwest and help to define its future through a multimodal dialogue on our shared light, landscape, character and community.

Artists pairings: Nathan Braunfeld, Paul Horiuchi; Emily Gherard, Mark Tobey; Aaron Haba, Clayton James; Allyson Klutenkamper, Mary Randlett; Paul Komada, Doris Chase; Emma Jane Levitt, Jeremy Lepisto; Tomo Nakayama, Leo Kenney; Wendy Orville, Norie Sato; Michelle Peñaloza, Barbara Straker James; Clyde Petersen, Wesley Wehr; Joe Freeman, Michael Spafford

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