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The Seattle Sketchbook Show

(Artwork pictured: Drew Christie sketchbook page)

The Seattle Sketchbook Show
April 5 - May 3, 2013

Thank you to the 45 artists who participated in this exhibition!
Over five months time, the artists used their
sketchbooks to draw and paint, but also to work through ideas
for new work and commissions, develop animation sequences,
play with typography, draw diagrams for 3D work, make marks
as part of a daily practice, and jot down passing thoughts.

The density and varied content in their sketchbooks is a testament
to the incredible commitment of these Seattle artists to their work.
The sketchbook is something rarely on display, so it is a privilege
to be allowed to look “behind the scenes” at the artist’s process
and possibly consider their finished work in a new way.
Select pages from the sketchbooks were digitized, and are
available on the monitor in the gallery and on the Gage
Facebook page.

During select hours sketchbooks were available to look through in entirety.

The Seattle Sketchbook Show was made possible by generous
contributions from Dakota Art Stores, Stillman & Birn, Faber-
Castell, Aron Hart, Jonathan Clarren and all our volunteers.