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Maggie Orth, %100 Electronic Light Years%
Enigma Machine

(Artwork pictured: Maggie Orth, 100 Electronic Light Years)

featured at Bumbershoot Visual Arts & Spectacles 2013
Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center

Opening to the Public at the Mayor’s Arts Awards, Friday August 30, 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Can a machine make art? What happens when an artist builds a sculpture that is a machine, then leaves the machine to its own devices? Enigma Machine, the second collaboratively curated exhibition at Bumbershoot by Shelly Leavens and Jana Brevick, asks these questions by sharing experimental and experiential works that are themselves machines, and works that were derived from artist-built devices.
We find ourselves deep in the seductive age of the all-powerful and hyper-programmed machine, from 3D printers to robotic technology. What are artist's responses to this age and do they embrace or reject the chance to experiment with new technology for art-making? Reactionary and temporal, Enigma Machine artworks examine, in part, age-old questions of human-machine interaction. Visitors will see 2-D works created by machine, mechanical sculpture, electronic and light works; all relying on the artist's programmed process to create, or ask for the viewer's participation.

Artwork featured will include new and recent pieces from Seattle artists Claude Zervas, Maggie Orth, and Mark VonRosenstiel, the classic lm Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go) by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, performative kinetic sculpture 56L by Danish artist Henrik Menné, interactive electronic work by Samson Young of Hong Kong, and early and mid-career works by seminal light artist Thomas Wilfred.