SHELLY LEAVENS                                 CURATOR      +      ARTIST      +        ORAL HISTORIAN

My artwork and curatorial projects often bridge the art and public history divide, examining the human experience. Having curated exhibitions at the Museum of Northwest Art, the Kirkland Arts Center, the Center for Wooden Boats and Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival I have had the pleasure of working with and being influenced by a wide variety of Northwest artists.

In my own recent work and in art I am looking at right now, I am particularly interested in an examination of the mundane - whether through utilizing everyday objects in ways that make me question their supposed function or former utility, or better yet, make me laugh. As someone driven by intuition and story, I seek the sucker punch to the gut in the work I make or experience, and the works that tend to speak strongly to me are those that connect me to a place or time, or affirm the running, inane dialog we carry on with the world.